Tip-9: Stop Smoking the Easy Way

My name is Joseph Giove. I’m a biomedical engineer and a clinical hypnotist. I’ve helped thousands of people stop smoking over the last twenty five years. I created this video series to help you become free of the habit an addiction of smoking cigarettes.

How to stop smoking the easy way? You know that tittle is the name of a book called “Allen Carr’s Stop Smoking the Easy Way” It’s a somewhat popular book, but I find it really comical, if it wasn’t so serious, that he misled a lot of people.

Allen Carr actually quit smoking with hypnosis and yet in his book he says that he went to a hypnotist and quit later that day, but he does not attribute his success to what he received from the hypnotic session because he smoked a cigarette right after he left the clinic of the hypnotist. This is ridiculous. Allen Carr did not understand the power of the subconscious mind, that the bigger part of the process of smoking is the habit not the addiction.

When you’re fighting breaking free of the process of smoking you’re fighting yourself, because the habit is within you and Allen Carr failed to recognize that. So for all of you who read Allen Carr’s book and are still smoking or quit and started, quit and started, there is a reason. It’s because you’re not recognizing the value of your own subconscious mind, which is the more powerful part of your brain and also the more powerful part of the process that got you hooked into smoking.

To really become free you have to address the subconscious part, that automatic part of you that beats your heart, breaths you while you’re sleeping, that just divided ten thousand cells and the time it took for me to say that. This is very important if you want to quit smoking the easy way. Recognize the addictive and the habitual part and address the subconscious automatic part of you, that’s truly the easiest way.

Take action now to be free. If you need assistance, I help people all over the world through phone sessions and private sessions at my clinic in Northern California.Feel free to call my office at 925-215-4017 or contact me here and get ready to enjoy your freedom.

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