Tip-5: When You Quit Smoking Cigarettes

My name is Joseph Giove. I’m a biomedical engineer and a clinical hypnotist. I’ve helped thousands of people stop smoking over the last twenty five years. I created this video series to help you become free of the habit an addiction of smoking cigarettes.

So what happens when you quit smoking? On my website:


You will find information from the American Cancer Society that shows what happens minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day, year by year, after you stop smoking.

The good news is they say that within ten to fifteen years after you stop smoking your chances of chronic illness from smoking reverts back to as if you never smoked. I believe you can shorten that time period considerable by becoming proactive in your recovery.

This is more noticeable in the first few days after you quit. Within two to three days your risk of heart attack or stroke drops tremendously. Your blood pressure drops, your breath smells better, your skin smells better, numerous things happens within a very short period of time. And of course, within two to three days all the nicotine leaves your system.

So the next question becomes: “how do you become proactive in your recovery?” It is good to quit smoking but in my view it is only going half way. The other half is becoming active in detoxifying and helping your cardiovascular and respiratory system recover. How you do this is by very deliberately detoxing after you quit: drink lots of water, get lots of exercise, sweat, do a liver cleanse, do a cellular cleanse. Lose weight because toxins are storage in the fatty tissue of your body. Replenish your body nutritionally with a whole host of minerals and vitamins. Get on a good, solid, super nutritional diet. Eat the right foods and this will help shorten that recovery time considerably.

Shoot for, let’s say, five to seven years, depending on how long you smoked and how much you smoked, to fully recover from cigarette smoking…and you can do it! The best way to do it is to begin now, get going right now.

Take action now to be free. If you need assistance, I help people all over the world through phone sessions and private sessions at my clinic in Northern California. Feel free to call my office at 925-215-4017 or contact me here and get ready to enjoy your freedom.

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